The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith ~ Review

I’m going to be challenging myself once every week to read a book under 300 pages long, and then write a 300-words or less ‘mini review’. This is a personal challenge, but for anyone else who’d like to give this a go on their blog, please use the tag ‘minireviewsweekly’. Thanks!


Book Info:

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

Format & Pages: Hardcover, 236\

Published: January 2nd 2012, by Poppy/Little Brown

Source: Providence Public Libraries

This book, as a whole, felt empty. I was expecting something cute and funny and quick. Instead, I got a depressed girl with claustrophobia and daddy issues who meets a hot, quirky English guy named Oliver at an airport and proceeds to form a ‘sort-of’ relationship with him when they get on a flight together. He’s clearly interested in her, but she doesn’t give him her number or address and proceeds to lose him at her destination. Then she breaks down at her dad’s second wedding, goes and finds the English guy at his dad’s funeral, and once again does not exchange contact info with him. After all, a symbolic book left on his car should be enough, right? Luckily for her, he figured out where the wedding was. She quickly fixes up her problems with her dad in time for a nice ending, and they all live happily ever after.

Can you see how this could leave you unsatisfied?

I did not like Hadley. I just couldn’t empathize with her. She seemed like a bit of a jerk. Oliver was very cute, but why would he like Hadley? I didn’t reallysee any chemistry between them. Hadley’s dad was obviously a complete ***, despite all his kindly actions. Hadley’s mom was obviously lovely, but for some reason Hadley couldn’t take that.

Honestly, I would’ve read an entire book about how Oliver helped Hadley out while they were flying, since she had claustrophobia. That was the cutest scene. And I think an author could legitimately write a book about some chick on a seven-hour-flight with a handsome guy, who’s also adorably considerate and thoughtful.

But this just wasn’t enjoyable.


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3 thoughts on “The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith ~ Review

  1. So girl’s dad is having his second wedding but this time with a man, and english man’s dad is dead so there is a funeral. I can contrast wedding with funeral… but damn…it’s sort of ironic because it’s the english gentleman that should get the emotional support…

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