Confusion and Cussing ~ Let’s Discuss why I DNF’ed The Spartak Trigger by Bryce Allen

Disgraced cop and degenerate cad Shane Bishop now makes his living as a professional set-up artist, using his unique skillset to frame his clients’ enemies for various criminal offenses.

When his latest job goes wrong and his mark ends up in a body bag, the ex-lawman becomes the prime suspect in a high-profile murder investigation – framed by a mysterious government agent. In order to obtain a key piece of evidence that will clear his name, Bishop is blackmailed into performing various acts of industrial espionage upon some of the world’s most powerful corporations. He soon graduates to foreign intelligence work and finds himself in Russia charged with infiltrating a radical neo-Bolshevik terrorist group known as ‘Black October’ and retrieving a microfilm they’ve obtained which contains a Soviet-era computer virus that has the power to destroy the world…wide web.

The Spartak Trigger by Bryce Allen

Format & Pages: Kindle, 170

Published: March 16th 2014 by Bedlam Press

Source: I was provided with this book from the author.

Rating:  ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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Cover Review: I feel like this cover objectifies women, in a certain sense. But it’s very clear and fits the story well.


Now, this is not going to be formatted like a regular review of mine because #1: I only got through 9% of the novel, and #2: it’s a Did-Not-Finish review, which will always be shorter on my blog.

Since I only finished 9%, I don’t think it would be fair to talk about the plot, because I didn’t get to the point where it picked up and we got into the ‘nitty-gritty’, as we bookworms like to say. Instead, I will briefly drop on the subjects of writing style and characters, and then do a wrap-up.

The writing was extremely confusing. I kid you not, even after having closely read the synopsis, I still can’t really wrap my head around the tenth of the book that I read. And once you get about 10% into a book, you should be able to understand what’s going on and who is even narrating. Sadly, that was not true for me.

The voices seemed to alternate between the main character and some guy coming in through his earpiece, or something like that. I personally think it is very important to clearly define who is narrating the story, who the characters are, and what is going on with the plot.

There was definitely a lot of swearing going on, and quite a few graphically sexual scenes. I’m *normally* OK with swearing, as long as it adds to the character. But when you don’t really know who your main character is, and they just keep cussing their mouth off, it doesn’t add anything. I didn’t have any empathy for our MC, and was just lost the entire time.

All in all, it was a book that I feel is aimed towards men more than women. I didn’t get offended by it, and I certainly don’t want to label it, I just think the language and subject will probably appeal to guys. It was a bit confusing and extremely harsh, and I have to say that I didn’t enjoy reading it. So that’s why I DNF’ed it.

That’s basically all I have to critique about The Spartak Trigger by Bryce Allen. It definitely was not the book for me, but perhaps others will enjoy it. It’s just not my genre and not my style. But thank you, Bryce, for offering to me for review! That was very generous and I hope this review doesn’t hit you too hard.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you soon with either a book tag or another review. 🙂

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Bryce Allen was born in Atlantic Canada in the early-1980’s.

He graduated from the University of King’s College in 2004 with a BA in History and currently resides in the United States.

The Spartak Trigger is his first published novel.



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