This tag is seriously God’s gift to bookworms. Finally, we can all reveal our innermost hated books, and be unashamed! I was originally going to to this tag spontaneously, untagged, but I was tagged at the last moment by the lovely Rachel from 26 Countless Possibilities (go give her blog a peek, it’s adorable).

But seriously. I’m about to get real with the anger. So be prepared for some steam-blowing, or FIND ANOTHER POST! *dances frantically to Shake It Off*

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I’m Too Much of a Wimp To Read These Horror Novels

  This week’s Top Ten Tuesday was a Halloween freebie! And you all now how I looooove freebies. So, since I’m such a damn wimp around Halloween, I decided to share with you a few horror novels that I really really really want to read, but I’m too scared. Also, I might share with you some *slightly* creepy books that I’ve read in the hopes of recommending something to you. And all links will be to Goodreads.

Shall we proceed? *ominous screeching music plays*

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Automaton Monsters & Spunky Shadowhunters ~ Let’s Discuss Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Wow. This book was such a wonderful piece of work. Cassandra Clare’s writing has really been honed, and every sentence was just so well crafted and a joy to read. I loved the people, I loved the plot, I loved the relationships, I loved the world. Everything that was awesome in 21st century New York has now been tripled in the steampunk 1800’s.

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