Meet My Ferret

WARNING: The adorableness in this post may blind and/or cause death.

Not too many of you know that I have a beautiful little ferret named Pippin. I’ve gotten sick of keeping him to myself, so today I wanted to share his face with the world. I’m giving you eight pictures of him (and he’s sleeping in most of them), and with each pic I’m going to tell you a funny little fact about him.

Get ready for cuteness.


Pippin is named after Peregrine (Pippin) Took from the Lord of the Rings. It’s adequate because he’s constantly eating things he shouldn’t and getting into general mischief.

He really likes licking (and biting) himself. I’m not sure why. But it’s adorable.

He’s an albino, which means his eyes are actually red. It’s kind of creepy.

He poops freaking everywhere. I’m not kidding.

He also sleeps everywhere. You name it, he’s slept there: bathroom, bathtub, car, closet, cabinet, bed. Everywhere except his own effing cage. Because he likes to scare me.

He sometimes thinks he’s a ballerina in his sleep. I like to imagine that his dreams are full of rainbows and Cheerios.

He wears a leash! It’s so adorable. And I can actually walk him around on it, like a dog.

He sleeps with me around 70% of the time. He just curls up at the end of my bed, under the blankets, which is really awesome in the winter for my cold feet.


OK, I’m all done. I hope you’ve burst into tears and are super jealous of me right now. Please leave comments saying that you think he’s adorable (because he will read them with me, and we will cuddle with joy). Oh, and did I mention that he kisses my nose? Like, all the time?!



9 thoughts on “Meet My Ferret

    OMGGGGG. This is the most adorable thing of the world. And his name !!! OMG HIS NAME. That is just even more adorable. Can I just keep repeating the world ADORABLE?!?! Because…adorable (Okay! Okay! I’ll stop now. XD) I have a puppy who melts my heart with cuteness, but your ferret basically wins. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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  2. He’s so cute, I have a fat rabbit that acts like your ferret (from the poop to the sleep, except she sleeps mainly under my bed and bites my toes when I wake up in the morning) any way, you have a very lovely ferret.

    Liked by 1 person

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