This tag is seriously God’s gift to bookworms. Finally, we can all reveal our innermost hated books, and be unashamed! I was originally going to to this tag spontaneously, untagged, but I was tagged at the last moment by the lovely Rachel from 26 Countless Possibilities (go give her blog a peek, it’s adorable).

But seriously. I’m about to get real with the anger. So be prepared for some steam-blowing, or FIND ANOTHER POST! *dances frantically to Shake It Off*

Question #1: What is a popular book or series that you DON’T LIKE?

The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu. I absolutely adore Marie Lu’s other series (The Young Elites), but this particular trilogy was boring and mediocre. I have a post discussing it that will be published soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Question #2: What is a popular book or series that everyone seems to hate, but you SECRETLY LOVE?

Erm… Let me think… I seem to hate quite a lot of popular series, but I can’t really think of one that most people haven’t enjoyed… Oh, I know! The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. THE F**KING SNOBBINESS AND PREJUDICE AGAINST THIS BOOK, OH MY GOD. It is a sweet story, and I don’t honor it as a classic or anything, but I think people have taken it way too far with the hating.

Question #3: What is a love triangle that ended up NOT THE WAY YOU WANTED IT TO BE?

I was going to say The Infernal Device’s love triangle, but it all worked out with that (at least for me) in the end. If you want to hear more about that you’ll have to click over here and read my review of Clockwork Princess. Otherwise, I only have one pick, and that is the damn love triangle from The Selection series. It didn’t end up in a way that I disliked, but the entire romance took WAY TOO LONG.

Question #4: What is a popular genre that you NEVER SEEM to reach for?

Time travel. I think it’s an interesting concept, but I just don’t read that many books centered around it. Honestly, when I think too much about how time travel works, I get a migraine.

Question #5: Who is a popular character that you HATE?

I’m not in love with Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments series. Maybe that’ll change as I get farther into it, but right now he’s not exactly tugging at my heartstrings.

Question #6: Who is a popular author that you just CAN’T GET INTO?

Markus Zusak. I read The Book Thief when it was all the rage, HATED IT, and never picked up a book by him again.

Question #7: What is a popular book trope that you’re GETTING SICK OF?

I actually have an entire Top Ten Tuesday post about this, which is funny and #relatable and honest. But for this tag, it’s sex in YA. More and more characters feel like they need to have sex because they might die, or whatever, and it’s always so dreamy and bubbly and beautiful and not awkward at all. I just don’t agree with any of it. And I don’t buy it, either.

Question #8: What is a popular series that you have NO INTEREST IN READING?

As of now, the Dorothy Must Die series by Danielle Paige. Which is sad, because I actually own the first book.

Question #9: What movie/TV show did you ENJOY MORE than the book it was based on?

HANDS DOWN, The Princess Bride. That movie is brilliant. The book is a bit confusing and boring, but the movie just takes the good parts and makes them amazing. Thank you, Cary Elwes. Thank you.

Question #10: Who is a popular character that everyone seems to hate, but you SECRETLY LOVE?

This is my original and NEW question, because I just had to make this tag have an even 10 questions! And the answer is… *drumroll* SEVERUS SNAPE! I don’t know what it is with this guy, but he was so kind and loyal to Lily, it just touched a soft spot in my heart. I actually have a feeling that not too many people actually hate him, but… he’s my #bad-guy-gone-good forever and ever.

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So, what are some of your bookish secrets? Do you like to rant? What are your most hated reads? Let us be #haters together. 😛


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