I Can’t Stop Bawling | Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare


That damn epilogue. I may never recover. *dies from heartbreak* This was an epic finale, and I want to fangirl about it with you.


A net of shadows begins to tighten around the Shadowhunters of the London Institute. Mortmain plans to use his Infernal Devices, an army of pitiless automatons, to destroy the Shadowhunters. He needs only one last item to complete his plan: he needs Tessa Gray.

Charlotte Branwell, head of the London Institute, is desperate to find Mortmain before he strikes. But when Mortmain abducts Tessa, the boys who lay equal claim to her heart, Jem and Will, will do anything to save her. For though Tessa and Jem are now engaged, Will is as much in love with her as ever. As those who love Tessa rally to rescue her from Mortmain’s clutches, Tessa realizes that the only person who can save her is herself. But can a single girl, even one who can command the power of angels, face down an entire army?

Danger and betrayal, secrets and enchantment, and the tangled threads of love and loss intertwine as the Shadowhunters are pushed to the very brink of destruction in the breathtaking conclusion to the Infernal Devices trilogy.


Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Format & Pages: Paperback, 567

Published: September 15th 2013 by Walker Books LTD

Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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COVER REVIEW: Probably my favorite of the trilogy, just because I really love the golden glow spilling from the book.

*WARNING: this is the third book in an amazing steampunk trilogy called The Infernal Devices. Spoilers are about to go down, so I would suggest that you head over to either my review of Clockwork Angel or my review of Clockwork Prince if you haven’t read Clockwork Princess!*


When I started Clockwork Princess, I was just so sad to think that I might have to say goodbye to Tessa without ever really *liking* her (I know, I know, go and hit me with your tea mugs). But so many things were changed. Her necklace finally came into play and she embodied a freaking angel. When that happened, I was like, “Woah. Just, woah. When did you get all badass?” Then the epilogue came around, and… well, that happened.

I may seriously never recover from that. She gets married to Will, and then 150-something years later she recounts her life with him? And she’s still only 16-17 years old?! I mean, the memories that we read about… I just couldn’t take it. It’s not every day that I ugly cry over a book, but that day night was one to remember.

Will… my darling Will! Oh, you were so gorgeous. I just… I can’t even right now. This review is mostly going to be incoherent sobbing and gifs, because my ‘critical thinking skills’, as I like to call them, are out to lunch.

Let’s talk about Jem, my sweet treasured Jem. I did not freaking believe for one second that he was dead. Not one second. I didn’t put two and two together and realize that he was Brother Zachariah (mostly because I can’t keep track of the Silent Brothers anyways), but I definitely didn’t think that Cassandra Clare was going to kill him off. And I was right!

It’s actually really cool that he thought of being a Silent Brother. It seems like a surprisingly convenient loophole that he could never *really* become one, because the yin fen couldn’t be purged all the way. I mean, he survived 150-something years for Tessa and didn’t really pay for it in any way. NOT THAT I’M MAD THAT HE SURVIVED. Goodness, no. It seems that my more nitpicky side has come to stand in the spotlight for a second. *shoves it out of the way*

My dear Henry has been crippled… Which only makes him more adorable! I can just see Charlotte fussing over him all the time, and him coming up with all sorts of inventions to keep her away. 🙂 Also, since I’m saying goodbye, I just want to say that I can’t imagine Charlotte as a 24-year-old woman. I imagine her as Molly Weasley, to be honest, and Henry is a spot-on likeness of Arthur. Wait, wasn’t this originally a prequel to a series based off of a fanfiction of Harry Potter? *awkward pause* Ahem… well, that makes sense.

Magnus, my darling, my KICKASS WARLOCK IMMORTAL GODLY BEING. I may read The Mortal Instruments series just to read some more about you. Did I mention there was an epilogue AFTER the epilogue? Yeah, Magnus comes back to London and meets Tessa’s son. It was adorable. I just love everything about him. Even his warlock’s mark is badass: he has effing cat eyes. Just… I can’t even…

OK, I just have to add one more thing to my list of ‘Why Magnus Is My Favorite Sidekick/Mentor/Friend of All Time’, and that is this quote. It’s kind of long, but I love it anyway:

“Well,” said a very amused voice. “This is unexpected.”

Tessa sat bolt upright, pulling the heavy coverlet around her. Beside her, Will stirred, propping himself up on his elbows, eyelids fluttering open slowly. “What-”

The romm was filled with bright light. The torches had come on at full strength, and it was like the place was lit with daylight. Tessa could see the wreck of the room that they had made: their clothes scattered across the floor and the bed, the rug before the fireplace rucked up, the bedclothes wound about them. On the other side of the invisible wall was lounging a familiar figure in an elegant dark suit, one thumb hooked into the waistband of his trouseres. His cat-pupilled eyes glimmered with mirth.

Magnus Bane.

“You might want to get up,” he said. “Everyone will be here quite soon to rescue you, and you may prefer to have clothes on when they arrive.” He shrugged. “I would, at any rate, but then, I am well known to be remarkably shy.”

Just yes. On so many levels. There’s that defining paragraph with just his name. And he’s remarkably shy? That’s BS if I’ve ever heard some, but it’s funny BS. His eyes are literally GLIMMERING with mirth. How is not everyone in the world in love with this guy?

Gabriel and Gideon were absolute perfection. Gabriel’s *kind of* a copy of Will… but Gideon is such a sweetheart! The thing with the scones and Sophie honestly broke my heart. She was a b**ch in this novel, because Gideon was obviously so adoring of her and she insisted that he ‘treat her proper’. THE GUY MADE ONE MISTAKE. LEAVE HIM THE FRIG ALONE.

I mean, I guess everyone else was awesome. I just can’t think about those insignificant people because my mind, as I’ve said before, is still in shock.


If you want to talk reasonably about the plot, then you might want to visit another review. If you want to OBSESSIVELY FANGIRL AND GUSH about the plot, then please stay!

Clockwork Princess absolutely topped all the previous books in this trilogy. So much sh*t went down, so much sadness… sooooo much sadness. First Jem’s dying, then – who else died? – oh, Jessamine dies (which seriously made me cry; I loved Jessamine, and the HATERS CAN GO HATE). But she comes back as a ghost! Yippee! Gah, that scene made me cry too. Well, every scene in this book made me cry, so that doesn’t really mean anything.


I actually don’t remember that much, because I read this book about 4 days ago and I was too rushed to write notes. I’m sorry, I’m sorry! All I know was that everything was fantastic.


φ Everything is defeated

φ The writing is fantastic

φ It evokes deep emotions



φ Jessamine dies (but she’s reincarnated *kind of* so it doesn’t matter)

φ Jem is turned into a Silent Brother (but he wasn’t actually, and he comes back so it doesn’t really matter)


φ You will cry so hard!


I… just… it blew me away, and I know this trilogy will be a long time favorite. Will I read The Mortal Instruments? Probably.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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5 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Bawling | Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

  1. This post. This entire freaking post is my life. I’m crying now. Happy?! Only thing is I’m not a Jem fan… But totally agree on every thing else. And the whole epilogue of Tessa remembering Will, yea I sobbed too. If you want some advice, get the Manga books for the series too, you get to SEE Will die. Ten times worse. I curled into the fetal position for an hour.

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