2015 was a fantastic year. I started this blog, I got on Goodreads, Twitter, AND Instagram, and most importantly, I started making some amazing bookish friends. SO THANK YOU, ALL MY CUPCAKES, FOR YOUR WISE WORDS AND RECOMMENDATION-FULL HANDS.

But it’s time for my inner demonic competitive spirit to take the lead, as I challenge myself with New Year’s resolutions of the most epic proportions.

Let’s hope I don’t go too overboard.


• I think it wouldn’t be tooooo crazy to set 350 subscribers as this year’s goal for the blog…? I mean, sh**, I’d be happy to get anywhere from 101 to 10,000, but 350 seems realistic to me for an entire year of blogging and social media.

• For blog stats, I’d love to hit 6,000 views total. Maybe that’s overshooting, but might I remind you that we did almost 3,000 last year?!

• Over on Instagram, maybe I’ll shoot for… 400? I already have 230, and I have so many wonderful readers to go check it out… *hint hint*

Look at those photos, how can you resist?!

Goodreads… my old friend of 2+ years. I’m not going to set any friend goals on there, because that’s not what Goodreads is about! *hmmm but maybe it would be nice to reach 200 I’m just saying folks*

• Let no one forget that I have a Tumblr blog! Although I’m not very set on getting followers on there (trust me, on blog is enough), I think 100 followers would be just fiiiiine. I’d only need to get 46 more, which should be EASY PEASY.

• And last but not least, Twitter! My favorite of all the medias. It would be amazing to get to 400 followers on there, but again, I just love chatting with other bookworms and sharing my posts, so followers really aren’t a big part of it.


• OK… I set myself the ginormous goal of 200 books this year. But I feel extremely positive about it! 80 more books than last year? Pssshh, no problem.

• I’d like to read 10 ARCs. That’s all I’m asking for. 10. If they were slightly-to-very popular, then I would be dancing in my leggings! But even if not, I’d still be super happy.

• Bringing up the rear, I’d like to just… branch out a bit more. This blog is for YA, but I didn’t originally focus it on that, and I’d like to try some other genres and get a more cultured taste. *puts on monocle and flourishes cape*


• Latin! I’d like to finish learning Latin. Maybe before I start going to school again, maybe not.

• Speaking of school… You probably didn’t know that I’m homeschooled! But I’m getting kind of bored with it, and I want to enroll in school this fall. Just to test it out, see if I still hate it, blah blah blah (but seriously this is a huge step for me and i’m so scared ahhhhh).

• I’m not a very athletic person, and never will be. But I DO enjoy going skating at my local rink. That’s a fixed ‘routine’ in my life, but what’s not fixed is YOGA. I want to start yoga and have it down-pat in the mornings and/or evenings. You will find me in corpse pose 99% of the time. *quietly snoozes*


Alrighty then, that just about wraps up my 2016 resolutions! Wish me loads of luck, because God knows I’ll need it. *seriously tho I’m supposed to read 200 books this year* *help*

I just want to say again, to all my 102 followers and any newbies coming to this blog for the first time, THANK YOU! I want to visit each of you individually and have tea and eat cookies together and give you lots of squishy hugs, but alas… such is not the fate of us bloggers.

You guys comment so often and have such funny and inspiring and KIND things to say, and you just make my day. Thank you for supporting my newbie butt throughout 2015… HERE I COME 2016! *jumps into bed and watches Sherlock* What?! This is productive! I’m… learning… hehe.

let's chat

What are your 2016 goals and resolutions?! Let us stress out in the comments. But that’s what cupcakes are for, am I right? Hehehe. How many books do you plan on reading this year? Is it as outlandish of a goal as mine? OR HAVE YOU GONE EVEN FARTHER, you crazy beans? Happy New Year!



  1. Yaaaaaay for 2015 being a fantastic year! That’s great! I’m so happy to hear that! 🙂 I definitely think you can reach your blogging goals this year! Whoaaaaa 200 books? Kudos to you!!! Also, only 10 ARCS??? You must read almost all backlist books- I WISH I COULD DO THAT! But the shiny ARCs… 😛

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  2. Hi there lovely! With this cute blog and such great posts, you are gonna have way more than 350 followers this year. Best of luck with all your other resolutions (I shall stalk you on Instagram now :P) and OMG 200 BOOKS ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Man, good luck on that. I’m worried about hitting 75!

    Anyways I tagged you for this because I thought you’d like it 🙂 but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! Cheers.



  3. Hello there! Fellow homeschooler(I did not know this earth shattering news!!) I think that it’s very brave of you to want to enroll in public school. I could never do that for a number of reasons. The people, I am an introvert and all of the people and they’re cliques and popular groups (I know that’s a thing I have public school friends) would be too much for me. Also I had a bad kindergarten,1,2 nd grade experience because I was learning at the speed of light and there were no advanced classes so I got in trouble because I was bored and I’d rather not that happen again. So, I repeat, you are very brave to entertain that idea and I applaud you!! You’re lucky to have the choice. Some of my friends have to go to high school and I, could ask to go or choose to stay. Nice and ambitious resolutions by the way I’m weird and don’t really care about followers except on my blog. 200 books!! Wow! Mine is 120 only because I have trouble finding lots of new books because I have weird preferences and I’ve read a lot. Good for you!!

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    • Hehe! I’ve been homeschooled for just about all of my life, but I’m a weird mix of extravert and introvert, and I just don’t have much of a social life as a homeschooler. I’m not saying that I want to go clubbing or drink or be popular, because those things honestly scare me. I just want to have a bit more people and teachers in my life so I can branch out a bit. However, I’m only trying school out for one year, and then I’m going to really take some time to figure out if I want to take another year. 🙂 THANKS for the support!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Same here! 3rd grade to now! I’m a total introvert and the one co-op we go to (pretty much all we do) is enough for us. I like that you’re trying to branch out and going to try public school again. I could never do that because I don’t like writing or large groups of people or a lot of things in schools (don’t even start me on assigned reading) Your welcome!!


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