I’ve always loved the smell of books. New and old, hardcover or paperback, they always have this heart-warming scent to them.

I’ve also always enjoyed collecting books, and popped in on my email list to ask me if I’d want to take a peek at some of their antique novels and compile a little wishlist. This sounds really fun and also probably jealousy-inducing, but shhh… we will focus on the fun part.

Feel free to check out their rare books collection. There are lots of really fun and interesting books to explore.

**Just to let you know, this post was not sponsored, it was just a fun opportunity given to me by Invaluable.**


1. Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens

I really love Charles Dickens! He’s always been one of my favorite classic authors, winning me over with his charming and quirky writing style since I was eight. This is the first edition of a book that I’ve never heard of, called ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’, which sounds whimsical enough, let’s be honest. And this edition has all 40 original illustrations! View the listing here.


2. Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

I’ve heard nothing but wonderful, breathtaking things about this classic. It sounds to me like a mix of Jane Eyre and Gone With The Wind, which can only be amazing. Owning this really old (possibly one of the first) edition of it would bring me tears of joy. View this listing.

3. Rollo’s Tour in Europe

I have no idea what this book is about… BUT LOOK. Preeeeetty cover. I’ve read some non-fictions about tours through European museums, and other cultured things like that *flourishes cape*, and they were really interesting and eye-opening. So why not wish for this ancient version of those? View this listing.


4. Slaughterhouse V by Kurt Vonnegut

Dystopians classics are some of my favorite books ever, but I haven’t gotten to a Kurt Vonnegut novel before! The shame… However, it would be delightful to own this English edition, rare dust-jacketed version. Also, that cover is so #retro but #creepy. View this listing.


5. Hamlet by William Shakespeare

I would definitely consider myself a Shakespeare junkie. I’ve finally admitted it. Hamlet is not my favorite, but it’s certainly in the top five. And this limited edition 1650 copy, done in a beautiful vellum with all edges gilt, black silk page marker, with hand painted red, violet, green, blue and gold ornamentation, housed in custom clamshell box in artful burgundy fabric, sounds absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I almost always listen to Shakespeare on audiobook, but owning such a lovely cloth-bound version would probably inspire me to write all sorts of beautiful sentences for my novel. *wait what novel shhhh i’ll tell you later*. View this listing.


And that concludes my antique wishlist, all from the amazing This website seems like a really fun place to go looking for unique, ancient editions of well-known and undiscovered novels, so if you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day (a.k.a any day you feel bored), maybe check it out? And thank you guys over at Invaluable for connecting with me!


Would you ever consider buying a VERY old edition of a book, versus a new edition? Do you prefer new books over old? Or the other way around? And here is probably the most important question of all: DO YOU SMELL YOUR BOOKS?! Psssh, that’s not even a question, we all do. *hehe*


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