Contact and Social Media


Please, feel free to email me with any questions, notifications, nominations, or suggestions! I respond promptly to every email.

Also, for you new authors out there, I am happy to review any ARCs! I have an iPad, so ebooks are the preferred format and probably would be easiest for both of us, but if you’d like to mail me a print copy, I can work with that too. But before you do, please do me the courtesy of checking out my review policy.

Find me on social media!

Twitter, for all my short rants and raves ~ @peculiarreader

Instagram, for all my bookish photos ~  @thatpeculiarfangirl

Pinterest, for DIYs of all kinds ~ @thatpeculiarfangirl

Tumblr, for reblogging and book revelations of all sorts ~ That Peculiar Fangirl and Drawing with Attitude


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