Book Blogging v.s. Book Tubing ~ Bookish Thoughts with Grace

I have recently fallen in love with booktube and book vloggers.

“What is this ‘booktube‘?” you may ask yourself…

Well, booktube is a community on Youtubbooktubee which has exploded over the past few years. It is where awesome human beings set up some sort of filming device and record themselves gushing over books they love. The fast growing community is a safe and loving environment where lovers of books all congregate and share their passion.

And no, I did not just write that. It’s a section from a more detailed article that you can find here, if you’re interested.

This is Christine. She's so pretty!
This is Christine. She’s so pretty!

I think it’s really fun and engaging to watch someone rant about a book that you may or may not have read, and then talk about it with them in the comments. One of my favorite booktubers ever is Christine from PolandBananasBOOKS (and no, she is not Polish). She is energetic and funny, and she has this long blonde hair that I am so jealous of! Her book talks are very engaging and there’s a lot of general excitement (and screaming). Which I can totally connect with, being a fellow fangirl myself. 🙂.

Fun fact about me & booktube: it was a big part of my life even before I started book blogging. It’s actually what lead me to start my blog. Because as much as I’d love to buy a camera and sit in front of my bookshelves and babble, I just don’t think I would find it fun (after a while), and it’s really not my ‘thing’. I love to watch it, though! That will never change.

So blogging was my outlet. I think everybody has a certain way of dealing with all those feelings and opinions after reading a book. Some people rant to their friends, some people rant to the internet. I’m one of the latter.

And today, I’d like to discuss with you why I chose book blogging over book tubing. But not only that! I’d also like to look at the pros and cons of both, and their different uses and needs.

So join me, for today is about dreams.

(That’s a quote from Tina Fey’s memoir Bossypants, which is amazing!)


Now, we all know that money is involved here. For bloggers, it’s generally cheaper. If you blog for free on WordPress or Blogger, then you probably don’t pay anything. If you have your own site, it’s about $5-10 a month to host. So you spend about $120 on it a year.

But for booktubers, it’s a whole other story. You have to buy a nice camera (if you want anyone to watch your videos), and this camera could be up there in the thousands. You probably need to buy editing software, unless you use whatever came with your computer. Software can be really expensive! And I haven’t even begun with the studio lighting, tripod… there’s a lot of equipment involved.


Infinity-Time1Time is very important, and the amount of effort you put into something can really make a difference. The blogging community has to put a great deal of time into their schedules, formatting, writing, and theme. The layout of your blog can take days to customize perfectly, and even writing simple reviews takes a lot of thought and time. It also takes a while in general terms for your blog to build up a follower count and really start getting noticed.

I believe, however, that booktubers have to spend far more time on just one single video. They don’t have an entire website to create, but each video must be set up, filmed, processed, edited, and uploaded. Not to mention vlogging (if they do have a personal vlog), we’re just talking about nitty-gritty reviews here. It takes a good seven hours to edit a good video, and uploading it to YouTube can be seemingly endless.


750337fedc3695851d9ebe14afc0e4e9You need to consider space when you begin blogging or vlogging. Space for shelves, space for computers, space for setup, space for equipment. Again, I think bloggers have a far easier time with this, because let’s be honest: we all blog in bed, with blankets over our heads, at 2 am in the morning… or at least, I do. 😛 Hardly anyone sees your bookshelves, so that’s not a problem (unless your a perfectionist like me). In the end, it’s much easier and takes less space.

If you decide to vlog, then you are going to need a ton of space to store your equipment, and also to set up and actually film videos! Your bookshelves also will probably need to look nice, and that means space for big bookshelves that can actually hold stuff. No more piles, guys. You will need the real effing deal with shelving.



Now, I’m fairly new at this whole blogging business, so I haven’t had any major sponsors yet, but I still feel qualified to speak about this because I use le internetz. 

Booktubers tend to get more sponsors. That’s a definite problem. Publishers like Random House and Harlequinn Teen figure that, “Oh, my book is going to be shown on camera, and there will be lots of talking about them! Let’s sponsor these booktubers!”

I don’t think it’s the same for book bloggers.

Companies just don’t value the written word as much as the spoken word (is that even a phrase?), and it hurts the blogging community. But then again, bloggers do get more ARCs and self-published books, so it’s a win-win.

Why I Chose Blogging

I’m kind of a lazy person. I’m also just a teenager, so I can’t exactly buy my own camera and software. I don’t have a professional laptop, I just use my iPad and a bluetooth-connected keyboard. I honestly don’t have the time to film and edit huge videos. And I would be really nervous about hate comments and trolls.

As you can see, with the pro-con(ish) list above, blogging is ultimately far easier than vlogging. BUT THAT DOES NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, MEAN THAT BLOGGING IS WORSE THAN VLOGGING. Bloggers put so much thought and effort into writing and editing posts, and graphics are harder than you’d think to come up with! Even though I chose the easier way to rant, it still takes up a lot of my time and energy. So, I can’t be as lazy as I imagined I could be. *sobs and eats cake*

In the end, blogging was just a better choice for me and it was also my preference. I love making friends through blogging and Twitter, and it’s been really fun for me so far. Of course, I support both bloggers and vloggers (like I said before, I watch tons of vloggers on YouTube and enjoy chatting with them). 🙂

So, thanks for listening to my rant! This article was also published on The Scribbling Sprite as a guest post for my good friend Allie.

It’s Time for YOUR Thoughts!

What do you think about my reasons? Are you a vlogger or blogger? Leave any links in the comments and I’ll check them out! 🙂



18 thoughts on “Book Blogging v.s. Book Tubing ~ Bookish Thoughts with Grace

  1. I’m a total blogger, all the way. I tried doing BookTube but that failed dramatically. In the end it takes too much time and because I’m a perfectionist, I want my videos to be perfect and good quality like your favourite Booktuber you mentioned! I love her too! But because I am also a sad, fairly poor teenager, I cannot afford a good quality camera, lighting, a tripod and et cetera while a also buying books! That’s a huge demand I cannot pay.

    And being an introvert who LOVES to write, blogging is my dealio. I’m not a talker and I think I fear the social interaction that comes along with vlogging. It also means constructing a visual image of myself which is celery nerve wracking. I totally admire book bloggers though, they were actually the reason I started blogging! (one of the reasons).

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    • Yay! A fellow blogger! Christine is SO AMAZING, isn’t she? Her bookish skits make me laugh SO HARD! 🙂

      I’m a bit of a perfectionist too (we’re such twins!) so like you said, it would be hard for me to upload something that I was happy with. I actually HAVE tried to make videos just for fun, and they always frustrate me to no end! Grrr!

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  2. I recently discovered the world of Booktubing through PolandBananaBooks but for the moment I’m gonna stick with blogging because of all the reasons you mentioned above…and because I REALLY love writing! For me book blogging involves two of my favorite things–reading lots of books AND writing.

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  3. I’m a teen as well. New to book blogging and I think blogging would be hard and I am introvert so shy, not engaging people kind of person and with the internet you can hide and you don’t have to speak to people or sit in front of a camera so I choose book blogging! (I also have a very unique name and I don’t want people stalking me so if my face isn’t on the internet that’s helpful.)

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